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Epiczone.sk / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / Žiadosť o unban
Unban Request
#121-10-2022 22:31
1.Ban Details
Player Shit_Player | Epiczone.sk
No Demos
Steam ID STEAM_1:1:643664397
Steam3 ID [U:1:1287328795]
Steam Community 76561199247594523
Invoked on 21.10.2022 18:06
Banlength Permanent
Expires on Not applicable.
Reason Wallhack
Banned by Admin Chemie
Banned from Epiczone.sk | 1v1 ARENA [TICK 128, !ws !knife !g...
Total Bans No previous bans
Blocked (0) never
2. I was playing on the server playing a pistol round when I suddenly got kicked from the server. I was very surprised because I have been playing a very long time on this server and never had any problems with it. I was truly surprised when I read that I was banned because it was presumed that I was wallhacking. I have never used any cheats whatsoever in any game. The only reason I presume he thought I was cheating was because I was simply put predicting some easy stuff the enemy would do which is quite easy when you have played such a long time on this server. I already know the in and outs of spawns and what the tendencies are so no I was not nor was ever using any type of cheats in any game ever. I was also not shown any demos where I could explain myself but using wallhack is a lot different. If I was really using Wallhack I would literally not die and would have a much higher rank so I am begging you to unban me please. The only community server I play on is this 1v1 server.
Zivko Milicevic
#221-10-2022 23:45
Hi, honesly I would have unbaned you if this unban request would have had been the first action you went for. However, considering that you tried to connect onto our servers with your 2rd account several ours later means that you are not as clean as you are trying to convince me. https://ctrlv.sk/EnWB
Same IP, same friends in steam friend list. https://ctrlv.sk/ggKj ; https://ctrlv.sk/3bDb

First you tried to fool us now you are begging for UB when it did not work......I do not like this therefore ban will remain active.

There is an option for you to buy your UB here: https://epiczone.sk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=7885
Your IP adress has 2 bans now considering you tried to pull a move on us, so you will have to buy out both bans.
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