VIP Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a VIP account you agree to all of the conditions below.

1. doesn't take any responsibility for incorrectly filled information during the purchase.

2. reserves the right to shut down any of the CS:GO servers at any point of time. In this case all of the VIP accounts expire immediately.

3. VIP account doesn't protect you from any in-game punishments, such as bans. VIP account cannot be exchanged to remove such punishments.

4. reserves the right to block a VIP account in case of prohibited behavior.

5. VIP account is valid only on the server it was bought on. It is not possible to move a VIP account to another server.

6. It is prohibited to share or sell VIP accounts.

7. VIP account is active on SteamID and it is bound to your Steam account. We don't take any responsibility for losing your Steam account.